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Thursday, 21-03-2019

Heads of department


History of the department "Automotive Electronics" began in 1937. Until 1960, the department was the only electrical chair of the Kharkov Institute of Road (Hadi).

 The first head of the department, its founder, mentor youth, the organizer of all cases was Ph.D., Associate Professor Peter A. Bocharov, a man of high erudition, energetic and principled, who headed it until 1954. In 1954, the leadership of the department came to a qualified expert in the field of electric vehicles, an outstanding scientist, associate professor Korotenko Boris Antonovich. Throughout his superintendence department became known not only academic work but also significant scientific achievements, among which are working on the improvement of automotive fuel supply systems, electrical coupling, the study of the dynamic properties of road cars. Broad and multifaceted scientific activity of the department at that time led to the fact that in 1960 one of the members of the department Lomakin Viktor Pavlovich was founded by the Department of automation and information technology. Thus, the activity of the department of electrical and electronic equipment has become a source of new computer technology institute.

 Ways of development of the department, its scientific potential in the training and education of engineering personnel, its traditions largely embodies the personality head of the department. It is therefore an important milestone in the history of the department is the time associated with the name of Mikhail Isaakovich Bronstein, who headed the department in 1978-1989gg. He was a long way from the modest but energetic young laboratory assistant to the head of the department. Particular attention Bronstein MI paid a hardware department, methodological support of the educational process, the formation of the teaching staff. Along with general courses in the department of electrical engineering began to teach subjects such as electronics, the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, electrical machines and electric, Special practical electricians, tractors and road machines.

 In 1989 he came to running a department specialist in the field of information technology professor, Ph.D. Alekseev Oleg Pavlovich, and the department since 1990, started to prepare future engineers - electricians. And changed the name of the department - Department of electrical systems and complexes of vehicles. In 2005, the Department became part of the Faculty of Mechatronics vehicles, dean of which became Alekseev OP

 Currently - XXI century, the era of microelectronics. A new stage in the development of the department arrived at the turn of the century. In 2004, the Department received its current name of the department of automotive electronics. Under the leadership elected in 2005, Head of the Department Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bazhinov Alexei Vasilievich, the department began adapting to the changes in the economy. Increased need for action broadly educated electronics engineers are able to solve not only scientific and technical, but also organizational and economic problems in the workplace. As a consequence of this approach, the virtual absence of problems in the employment of graduates and their relevance in different branches.

Graduates of the department


Department of automotive electronics has started training only in 1990, but during that time for transport, power and energy industry of Ukraine and foreign countries trained more than 300 highly skilled professionals - engineers - electricians electricians modern vehicles and businesses.


Graduates successfully work at such enterprises as SE "Zavod Malyshev, "SE" Kommunar "HELZ, repair plant, as well as in the various stations, in businesses related to the production, modernization, maintenance and repair of modern cars - and agricultural equipment, heavy industrial vehicles Mining - metallurgical complexes.