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Thursday, 21-03-2019

Pardubice University (Univerzita Pardubice) was founded in 1950 as Institute for Chemistry in Pardubice. In 1953, there was a transformation in the Institute of Chemical Technology University, through the creation of new faculties, changed the structure of the university. Its modern name university received in 1994.

Our students in the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

International activities



The department maintains scientific contacts with leading schools of thought, such as NTU "KPI", UTU, NSU, the company Lenze (Germany), the company "Ford-motors" (USA) and others.

Scientists department maintains constant contact with leading companies, research institutions and educational institutions dealing with transport engineering.

 AE Department is in constant contact with the Russian Academy of electrical power systems and departments mother, MADI and MHOUHF.


Prospects of international activities of the department


are based on personal relationships, which are constantly supported with leading world specialists in the industry of the automotive electronics.

Students of specialty "Electric systems and complexes of vehicles" have the opportunity to participate regularly in prestigious international scientific-student conferences, an internship in the best European technical universities, attend major automakers.