Racing cars laboratory named after V.K. Nikitin

It is possible to touch motorsport with your own hands without financial costs and parental support. You can start with any level of training and knowledge about the car. The main criterion is the desire to learn new things, gain practical skills, and work in real projects. Students, studying in the laboratory in their free time, can gain knowledge and skills in creating racing cars, preparing them for competitions, learning computer modelling, metal processing, working with composite materials, etc., take part in car training or competitions as a mechanic or a pilot.

Training is conducted individually; students work on practical tasks and get involved in current projects. The attractiveness of this educational approach is that any student can participate in the entire cycle of creating a product from the emergence of a need to the realization «in metal» and implementation.

The main activities of the racing cars laboratory

You can take part in the life of the team! The main criterion is your desire!


Address: 25, Yaroslava Mudrogo St.,
Дорожній корпус.,  office 154
Tel: +38 057 707 37 28

Head of the Laboratory

Ivan Volodymyrovych Lukashov