Historical background

During the period of foundation (19301931) of Kharkiv Automobile and Highway Institute, 10 departments were created, among which was the Department of Automobiles and Engines. Prof. A. I. Voieikov became the first head of the department. During the period 19341936, the laboratory of internal combustion engines was created. In the 1952-1953 academic year, the Department of Internal Combustion Engines was merged with the Department of Automobiles. 

  Research areas of the Department:  

 - scientific basis for converting diesel and gasoline engines to gas engines; - theoretical foundations for developing electronically controlled fuel injection systems for high-speed diesel engines; - practical principles of developing a compressed-air motor of compound propulsion system for environmentally friendly cars.

The facilities and resources of the department include: the engine room of diesel and gasoline engines, the laboratory of gas engines, computer lab, two specialized rooms, the test bench of high speed car diesel engines, the laboratory for thermotechnical measurements, the class-room for design projects. 



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