• “Functional stability of cars and tractors” (led by the State Science and Technology Prize Winner Prof. M. Podryhalo).

• “Structural Materials Technology and Materials Science”(led by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Prof. S. Diachenko). MAIN RESEARCH FINDINGS

• theoretical foundations of car and tractor dynamics, functional stability of operational properties.

The method of partial acceleration in addition to the dynamics of mobile machines was proposed;

• methods of estimating manoeuvrability of wheeled vehicles, namely acceleration capacity, controllability and skid resistance under variable operating conditions;

• increasing the structural strength of steel products by surface impact methods;

• new techniques of car parts repair, most preferable modes of technological operations of parts repair were determined;

• methods and means of non-destructive control of mechanical and operational properties of materials; • methodology for assessing the reliability and durability of structural elements of cars and tractors;

• a set of regulations on the reliability of motor vehicles.