Teaching Process

The following courses are taught at the Department:

• theoretical mechanics;

• hydraulics, hydrology, hydrometrics;

• hydraulics and hydraulic pneumatic drives;

• mechanics of fluids and gas;

• aerodynamics, dynamics of hydraulic and pneumatic systems;

• hydrodynamics;

• methods of finite elements in engineering;

• transfer processes in continuous environments. 


• hydrology;

• hydrometrics;

• hydraulics of free channels;

• meteorology. Post-Graduate course “Mechanics of fluids, gas and plasma” is available.

The department prepares students for the All-Ukrainian and International Olympiads and competitions.


The staff of the department for the last five years has prepared and published the following textbooks:

• study guide " Application of the ANSYS Software Package to Solve the Problems of Hydrodynamics"

• textbook "Theoretical Mechanics"

• textbook " Theoretical Mechanics "

• study guide "Transfer Processes"

• study guide "Basic Hydrology"

• study guide "Meteorology and Climatology"