Educational work

The department staff members teach the following disciplines at all faculties of the University: “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines”, “Machine Elements, Elevating and Transport Equipment”, “Hydraulics”, “Mechanics” and “Applied Mechanics”.

It can be said that the educational process at the department is provided using teaching materials mostly developed by our staff members. This is particularly important because of the fact that the university library has hardly been renewed with technical literature over the past decade.

Two computer classes for course design projects (236 and 238 classrooms) have been created by the department to carry out educational and scientific work.

Besides computer classes, the department is proud of the laboratory of machine components, which is equipped with a modern complex of laboratory machines, devices and installations, the detector unit, analog-to-digital converter, personal computer.

It should also be noted that over the last four years students of the University have taken winning places at the Olympiads in Theory of Machines and Mechanisms.