History of the Department

In 1935, Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University (then KhADI) moved into its own educational building on Yaroslava Mudroho Street (then Baseina Str.) From 1941 to 1945, KhADI temporarily did not work ‒ almost all students and teachers of the Institute took part in the Great Patriotic War.

In 1945, KhADI resumed its activities. In the postwar years, the department was headed by Prof. Verbovskyi (1945-1949), Assoc. Prof. Baranov V. R. (1949-1950), Assoc. Prof. Abrosimov K. F. (1951-1964), Assoc. Prof. Abramov B. M. (1964-1974), Assoc. Prof. Terletskyi V. R. (1974-1976), Assoc. Prof. Hrechko L. P. (1976-1986).

Since 1986 the department has been headed by Prof. Perehon Volodymyr Andriiovych. During that time, many events occurred in the life of the country and the university, which resulted in a severe economic crisis. Very much was lost: many links with production were broken, the scientific base of the department fell to pieces, the budgetary support of educational and scientific processes began to deteriorate. That was a period in which the Department of Machine Components and Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (MC and TMM) was founded.