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We invite you to study at our university!

Prospective students can receive educational and skill levels "bachelor", "specialist", "master", learning from the daily or absentia by the state order or funds of individuals and entities.

The teaching staff makes it possible to obtain high-quality knowledge and practical skills that can be successfully implemented in the business entities of Ukraine. We look to the future, because it is quality higher education is the first step to obtaining a diploma, then - a decent job that would provide a decent standard of living!

The Department of Physics at the Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University in 2009. established research laboratories electromagnetic technology.

The laboratory conducted various studies in the field of magnetic-pulse technology. Students enrolled in our university have the opportunity not only to visit the laboratory, but also directly participate in its work.


Contact Information

Address: 61002, Ukraine, Kharkiv, 25 Yaroslava Mudroho Str.

How to find us: “Pushkinska” Metro Station, KhNADU Main Building, right wing, 3 rd floor, Room 301

Phone: +(380)57-707-37-27

Responsible for working with entrants

Gavrilova Tatiana Vladimirovna

тел.: +380509589198

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