History of department

Department of Physics in Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University (KNAHU) has been based in 1930. Scientific departments are experts in the field of fundamental physics. The first head departments was the assistant professor Borisoglebskiy S.V., and with 1936 for 1939 – Valter A.K., the research assistant Kharkov Physics-Technical Institute AS USSR, academician AS USSR. The next year’s department headed Burdun T.D., Miloslavskiy K.E., Lyashenko T.N., Shpetniy A.I., Movchan S.P., Pyatak A.I. Since November 2009 department of physics is headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Batygin J.V.

Along with study on physics chair scientific work was spent also.

So in 1960th years under the direction of assistant professor Barutkin I.M. researches of deterioration of details of engines depending on a magnetic susceptibility of engine oil and quantity of ferromagnetic additions were conducted.

In 1970, the Department of Physics conducted the study of internal friction and relaxation characteristics of poly- and monocrystalline filaments (led by Rabuhina V. V,  Ashanina V. S, Levandovsky V.I.).

In 1980-1992, under the guidance of Assoc. Ashanina V. S and Assoc. Stepanova A.A. performed work «Studying of complex physical and chemical ways of an intensification hardening concrete». As a result of the spent researches by a group of authors the complex of equipment for research of properties of water components for creation of concrete systems has been made and 11 patents are received.

In 1995-2003 under the direction of prof. O.I.Pjataka scientific researches on interaction of electromagnetic waves with the ionized plasma were carried out. Materials of these researches have been presented at several international conferences on thermonuclear synthesis and physics of plasma and published in the international and domestic scientific magazines.

In a current of 2000-2009 work on research subjects "Working out of the non-polluting cryogenic car" which headed the prof. Pjataka and Kudryavtsev was spent.

Research works are spent to laboratories on working out of the progressive technologies connected with a magnitno-pulse attraction of thin-walled sheet metals with a practical exit on restoration the damaged elements of automobile bodies with possible preservation of a protective paint and varnish covering.

The laboratory group of authors takes active part in domestic and international scientific and technical conferences.

With 2009 on 2013 in the domestic and foreign scientific and technical periodical press it is published over 200 works. It is published 6 monographies. 4 of them in foreign publishing house.