Laboratory for electromagnetic technology research


  1. Investigation of the electrical physical effects, the theoretical and experimental researches which are directed to the proposition, development and creation of the advanced manufacturing technologies with the pulse magnetic field energy usage.
  2.  Approbation of the experimental equipment element base for the practical implementation of the magnetic pulse metal workingmethods for machine building, particularly for the vehicles producing, recovering and repairing.
  3.  Proposition and development of the magnetic pulse technologyalgorithms for the problems solving on the vehicles producing, recovering (noncontact straightening) and repairing.

Problems being solved

  1. Proposition, development and creation of the compact power sources prototypes for the power magnetic-pulse action being controlled (dosed) on the processed objects.
  2.  Proposition, development and creation of the tool prototypes for the magnetic-pulse force action what allow realizing some manufacture operations, both the repulsion and attraction of thin-walled sheet metals.
  3.  Test working the magnetic-pulse technologies algorithms for the manufacture, recovery and repair of the vehicles. Formulation of the technical recommendations.

Practical orientation of the works

  1. Creation of the magnetic pulse systems for the dents external flattening on the surface of the car body without disassembly and with preservation of the protective paint coating.
  2. Design and manufacture of the magnetic pulse systems prototypes for the working operations on the thin-walled metal articles forming, an implementation of which is difficult or impossible by conventional methods.

Area of application

The Magnetic Pulse Systems will be widely applied in various fields of manufacture, for example:

  •  in the vehicles producing industry: automobile-, aircraft- and ship-building;
  •  the production on recovery of the car bodies or aircraft without disassembly with a preservation of the protective paint coating;
  •  in the machine building, when according to the technology requirements some products working is technically possible from one side only, in the producing operations of the metal pipes with a non-metallic objects joining, the electrical wire crimping, the printed circuit boards stamping as well, etc.


  1. The powerful non-contact force action on the object is realized with a minimum energy consumption.
  2. The production operations can be realized (for example, the metal products forming, the various constructions assembly, etc.), but their implementation is not technically possible with the known technologies.
  3. The ecological purity of the manufacture.
  4. The force effect can be performed from the inside and the outside surfaces of the product being formed, what allows creating some flexible production technologies.
  5. The external non-contact straightening of the car body with dents does not require disassembly, a removal of any internal mechanical or electronic devices, and does not damage the protective paint coating.



The video shows our achievements in experiments on magnetic-pulse attraction of thin-walled sheet metal, the differential characteristic of which are the absence of mechanical contacts, localization and dispensing force action in defined position of the workpiece