The Automobile Faculty together with the University celebrates its anniversary – we mark our 90 years in 2020.

At different times, the faculty was headed by prominent scientists, talented educators, experts in the automobile industry:

In the postwar years, the Automobile Faculty was for some time renamed as Mechanical Faculty due to the appearance of two new specialties “Road Machines and Equipment” and “Construction Machines and Equipment” in addition to the main specialty “Automobiles”. From 1952 to the present, the name of the Automobile Faculty has not been changed, which fully corresponds to the name and professional direction of the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

During its existence, the Automobile Faculty gave life to other faculties. Thus, in 1966, on the basis of the Automobile Faculty, the Engineering and Economics Faculty (now the Management and Business Faculty) was established, and in 2005 – the Vehicle Mechatronics Faculty.

Today, about 1000 students study at the Automobile Faculty and 100 teachers work, of whom 85% have a scientific degree and title, including 25 Doctors of Sciences. Seven Professors in different years became the winners of the State Award of Ukraine in the field of science and technology – they are Professors Anatolii Mykolaiovych Turenko (Rector of the University), Viktor Oleksandrovych Bohomolov (Vice-Rector of the University for Scientific and Methodological Work), Valerii Ivanovych Klymenko, Leonyd Oleksandrovych Ryzhykh, Mykhailo Abovych Podryhalo, Fedir Ivanovych Abramchuk and Ihor Ivanovych Tymchekno